Our Elders and Knowledge Keepers

The guidance and support from First Nations and Métis Elders and Knowledge Keepers is critical to Following Their Voices. Elders and Knowledge Keepers (Nêhiyawak (Cree: Plains, Swampy, Woodland), Denesuline (Dené), Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, Nahkawé (Saulteaux) and Métis (Michif)) have been engaged and involved in Elders’ Gatherings, provincial professional learning and development sessions, committee work and Leadership Team meetings to support the implementation and development of Following Their Voices. Their wisdom, experience and worldviews are valued and we are honoured to work with them.

FTV Elders Group Picture

Cree Elders and Knowledge Keepers

Norman Charles 
WOODLAND CREE  •  2015 - 2023

Martin Durocher
PLAINS CREE •  2022 - Present

Irene Ermine
PLAINS CREE •  2015 - 2020

Willie Ermine
PLAINS CREE  •  2015 - Present

Keith Goulet
SWAMPY CREE  •  2022 - Present

Delvin Kanewiyakiho
PLAINS CREE  •  2015 - 2023

Mary Lee
PLAINS CREE  •  2014 - Present

Sally Milne
WOODLAND CREE •  2022 - Present

Lizzie Roberts
WOODLAND CREE • 2022 - Present

Edie Venne
WOODLAND CREE •  2022 - Present

Dakota, Lakota and Nakota Elders and Knowledge Keepers

Eunice Bear
2022 – Present

Wayne Goodwill 
2015 - Present

Rita Goodwill 
2022 - Present

James (Joe) O' Watch
2015 - Present

Theresa O' Watch
2022 - Present

Darlene Speidel
2015 - 2023

Donnie Speidel
2015 - 2023

Dené Elders

Daniel Alphonse
2022 - Present

Margaret Reynolds
2015 - Present

Paul Sylvester
2015 - 2019

Métis Elders and Knowledge Keepers

Wilfred Burton
2022 - Present

Nora Cummings
2015 - 2019

Robert Doucette
2022 - Present

Marie Favel
2015 - Present

Jim Favel
2015 - 2019

Andre Letendre
2015 - Present

Michel Maurice
2014 - 2020

Robert McAuley
2022 - Present

Julie Pitzel
2015 - 2020

Ed St. Pierre
2015 - 2023

Harriet St. Pierre
2015 - Present

Nahkawé (Saulteaux) Elders

Cecile Asham
2015 - Present

Gilbert Kewistep
2022 - Present

Joe Quewezance
2015 - 2022

Albert Scott
2015 - 2021

Frances Scott
2015 - Present

Swampy Cree/Metis Elder

Isabelle Impey
2015 - Present

Leadership Team

The Following Their Voices Leadership Team is a diverse group including Elders, provincial directors of education, a First Nation education representative, a Métis education representative and Ministry of Education representatives.

This team is responsible for providing oversight and direction for the Following Their Voices initiative and include:

Elder Mary Lee 
Plains Cree

Pat Bugler 
Director of Education 
Treaty Six Education Council

Jennifer Hingley 
Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division

Brent Hills 
Deputy Director of Education
Saskatoon Public Schools 

Davin Hildebrand
Deputy Director
Northwest School Division

Sheila Pocha
Program Head, Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program
University of Saskatchewan

Angella Pinay
Good Spirit School Division

Tim Caleval
Executive Director
Ministry of Education

Facilitation Team

Provincial Facilitators provide support to Following Their Voices schools through in-person visits, telephone calls, emails and other support as required. 

FTV Leadership Team

The team includes:

Elisa Hryniuk

Richelle Ackerman

Curtis Howie

Geraldine Delorme-Bouvier

Jana Ross

Jessica Blacklock

Ashley Oystrick

Scott Hepworth

The journey has been life changing. As a teacher, I have been able to change the way I teach and deliver content to my students in exciting ways . . . I am so grateful for being a part of true change. I will never be the same.

— Tricia Lucyshyn, Teacher, Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division