What is the Check-in Tool?

The Check-in elevates the significance of student voice in Following Their Voices classrooms. The Check-in Tool is easy to use and provides teachers regular and concrete student feedback to support teachers in improved instruction. The Check-in process takes 10 to 15 minutes to run and can be completed in class by students using a laptop, tablet or their cell phone.

Check-in Tool Cell Phone


Check-ins should be run when teachers try a new strategy or at key learning points in the curriculum to determine student understanding.

Check-in data is accessed through a real-time dashboard to help teachers be responsive to student needs and critically reflect on evidence to accelerate learning and growth.

. . . teachers help us plan for our future. The teachers give us opportunities to show our different type of smarts by letting us build on what we are truly passionate about. They encourage us to do good things for ourselves.

— Student, Wesmor Public High School, Prince Albert