Participation in Following Their Voices

The following figures show the current number of participants and schools in Following Their Voices:

Number of Participants

374 Teachers23 Lead Teachers52 School Facilitators27 Principals

Number of Schools

34 Provincial Schools6 First Nation Schools

Following Their Voices Tool Usage Stats

Schools participating in Following Their Voices are asked to form a Strategic Change Leadership Team to lead implementation at the school. The team consists of a school administrator, a Lead teacher and a School-based Facilitator and a school division/education authority lead. The School-based facilitator is a teacher from the school with the responsibility of working directly with participating teachers to support their progress to increase Métis, Inuit and First Nations student participation and achievement.

School-based facilitators:

  • observe teachers and First Nations, Inuit and/or Métis students in the learning environment;
  • provide feedback and support teachers to develop goals and action plans to increase Métis, First Nations and Inuit student participation and achievement; and
  • provide ongoing coaching, mentorship and support.

Several web-based and iPad applications, or tools, have been developed to support accurate and timely data collection, feedback and reporting. The figures below show the number of completed surveys, observations, goals, walk-throughs and reflections

Surveys Completed

2023-2024 Since Inception
92 90,229
73 Student Survey 71,46911 Teacher Surveys 7,0400 Parent Surveys 10,0898 SCLT Surveys 1,631

The Survey Tool includes customized surveys administered throughout the year to students, teachers, school administrators and parents/caregivers. The surveys gather respondents’ perceptions on student-teacher relationships, their interactions and the learning environment. The data are used to inform goal setting and planning for improvement.

Observations Completed

2023-2024 Since Inception
0 9,665

The Observation Tool is used by School-based Facilitators to gather data while observing participating teachers’ lessons. The tool:

  • allows the School-based facilitator to gather data on teacher and student interactions over the course of an observed lesson;
  • provides selected First Nations, Inuit and Métis students the opportunity to comment on their learning;
  • gives School-based Facilitators the chance to provide feedback and feedforward to participating teachers, and
  • allows participating teachers to add their reflections.

Goals Completed

2023-2024 Since Inception
0 11,050
0 Individual Goals 9,0200 Co-constructed Goals 2,030

The Goal Setting Tool is designed for participating teachers to review the data gathered from the observation tool and surveys to set goals and action plans to increase Inuit, First Nations and Métis participation and achievement.

Walkthroughs Completed

2023-2024 Since Inception
0 8,385

The Walk-through Tool allows School-based Facilitators to check in on the progress participating teachers have made towards achieving set goals.

Reflections Completed

2023-2024 Since Inception
0 6,830

The Reflection Tool presents participating teachers with all the data gathered through surveys, observations, goal setting and walkthroughs to review and reflect on the degree to which goals have been achieved.

. . . in First Nation schools Following Their Voices offers collaboration, collegial support and reflective practice for educators, which is vital for their growth and skill acquisition. We know that our students will benefit greatly from these best practices.

— Sandy Pinay-Schindler, Director of Education, Cowessess First Nation