Made in Saskatchewan

Following Their Voices is a made-in-Saskatchewan educational initiative based on research conducted with Métis and First Nations engaged and disengaged students, parents/caregivers, teachers and school administrators about what is needed in order to be successful as a First Nations or Métis student in school. The "voices" of these groups of people identified three themes: enhancing relationships between students and teachers; creating structures and supports for teachers and school administrators to work together to improve teaching and learning interactions with students; and, creating safe, well-managed learning environments. Further analysis identified three Understandings and six Indicators.

The Understandings represent the perspectives or positions required of schools to foster changed relationships, environments and interactions to better meet the needs of Métis, Inuit and First Nations students. The Indicators represent the actions that must be implemented by teachers and administrators to ensure learning is joyful, culture is affirmed and students are given real choice for their future. Together, the Understandings and Indicators form a powerful framework for all Following Their Voices processes and practices.

Following Their Voices continues to use research to guide implementation. Please see the following studies: 

Following Their Voices has made a positive impact in the lives of students across the province. Students are feeling more connected to the adults in their respective schools and are more intellectually engaged in their education program, resulting in improved academic success. Educators have maintained the importance of teaching curriculum, while re-focusing their efforts on creating meaningful and engaging relationships with students. The work is challenging and demanding, but it is well worth the outcome.

— Patrick Bugler, Director of Education, Treaty Six Education Council